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Default MN 2013 Season

The Rookie on this site already has a couple races up on me.

But either way, I figured I'd better share that I finally got my first couple races under my belt!

Like Kallin (dammit I have to check the spelling now).

Saturday May 4th was a practice day. I had a fairly gigantic secret, beings as I made a high roller purchase of a 2012 KTM thumper racer, straight from the dealership. I will admit to nearly throwing up in horror as I signed the papers, and I did honestly have to swallow a good four times when I started cutting into the brand-assed-new seat to make it ride-able for someone my size.

I had told a whopping four people about my bitchen' secret, but about the time I showed up at the track, the rumors were flying faster than shit thrown by monkeys!!!!

So, here's the reason I jumped bandwagons to a different brand -> Linkage suspension, fuel injection, ELECTRIC START.

Erm, yes you heard me right, my new racer has the magic button!!!!!!!

Either way, I don't know how to ride the orange machines, but I did have a knowledgeable person set it up for my extra light weight, and feeble ground clearance. It has the closest 6 gear ratio that I've ever experienced, so I am shifting about 3k more often than I'm used to.

Practice day went awesomely, and I basically spent all of my practice sessions screwing off and trying to see how my machine reacted to every input I delivered. The front end dived around quite unexpectedly, but somehow I never biffed it. Somehow, amongst all my survival tactics (ride slowly, don't corner hard, case all doubles at a predictably slow speed), I managed to get a lot of compliments on how "fast" I was.

I was dead tired and very sore at the end of the day, and prettymuch slept through the entire meal and movie we went to see after the practice sessions.

Race day was wicked cold, miserable, and windy (but only rained during practice). My dumb ass was too stubborn to listen to all of the "start in 2nd gear!!!" because on all of my other bikes, first gear starts got me a lot of holeshots. I ran out of first gear about the time my front wheel was 3 feet past the starting gate, so got smoked in the women's class big time.

450C - It was me and another dude who is actually a yupster hippie from CA. At one time he was a pro sometime in the 70s and 80s, but during the first lap, I kept up and shouted insulting things at him in every corner. When I finally called him a hippie, he looked over his shoulder at me and then went down slow motion in a corner. So I led for the next 3 laps but got passed in the last corner of the race when I was tired and his nearly 40 years of riding experience kicked my ass.

Everyone was hoping I'd smoke him, and I did my best, but I'll have to get him next time.
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