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Default Come party with me in Vegas? ???

My wife loves going to Vegas and a trip to Vegas once a year pretty much gives me a free calendar for my snowmobile trips. That being said, my 40th birthday is March 20th and I want to party like its 1980 for my 40th lol.

My sisters have expressed interested and we got to thinking why the hell not invite a buttload of people and really party down? So I thought I'd throw it out there? I haven't picked any dates or looked at lodging yet but potential dates would be March 21-31. I would probably try and book it so we were there for 3 nights sometime during the dates I posted. I'd kinda prefer leaving on the 21st but will decided that based on other people that want to go or available rates. We've stayed at a few places in Vegas and open to the hotel, but we LOVED staying at the Bellagio.

Anytime I get together with Nutz just to party its off the hook lol. So throw Vegas into it, and Nutz will paint the town!! Anyone curious?
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