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Default Front shock on rear suspension

I have an old standard suspension off a 93 xlt that has fox shocks in it. I already put the rear shock in my 97 rmk rear suspension as it was the same length.

I want to also put the front shock in it, However it is one inch shorter than the one that is on my rmk. There are two different places to mount the shock to the top arm on both suspensions. The rmk is bolted to the top one, and the xlt one is bolted to the bottom.

If I were to put the shorter fox shock in it and just bolt it to the bottom mount would it still work fine? I think it would cuz it looks like the bottom mount is one inch shorter but I am not sure if it would all work the same. If anything I think it would just have a little less travel... Anyone know for sure? Hopefully you get what I am trying to explain haha
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