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Default Polaris 500 classic indy liquid-Help

So last night i was givin her throught a field,as i went to hit the break and take the corner,i guess there was a wire coming off of the battery rubbing against something in the engine,i opened the hood and it sparked at me,so i disconected the battery,remarretted the two broken wires together and tucked them in.after maybe 5 pulls(usually starts after 1),it finally started...Now this morning,i went out,bought a new battery(the exact same as the old one)ive also added now amsoil oil,topped er off,and changed the lightbulb to an xenon on the front.Now when i put the key in,pull the kill switch up,and turn on the EFI,it doesnt even sound like the EFI is running as it usually does,and i cant get er going.

is it possible that when she was sparking,it shorted out some of the components in the sled?

Any suggestions?

THanks all
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