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Default '93 XLT 580 Idling too high

Hello everyone! So I'm piping my XLT and having problems. I clutched it like the directions say, put 240 main jets in like directed for my temp and elevation. I started it up and it was boggy as soon as I would push on the throttle a little bit. It was also idling around 3000 RPM at the time. I figured I needed to sync the carbs so I made the tool and went out to try it. I wanted to get the idle down first so I lowered the slides as far as i could get them and unscrewed the idle screws to the point that they are not touching the slides.

I also read in the SLP tuning directions that a bigger main jet may be needed in the mag side carb so I put a 250 in that one. I got it started and it is idling even higher now at 4000 RPM. The clutch starts to engage at 4300-4400 RPM which I believe is about right after re-clutching.

So my first question is, how do I get the idle down since I have the slides dropped as far as I can get them? Do I need to raise the E-clip a notch? Go with smaller main jets?

I live in central Iowa and the elevation is 0-3000. Riding temps vary from -10f to 40f within a few days of each other.
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