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Default Need a little help with the Assault

DCUBA was out for a little ride yesterday and the 09 Assault that I have started acting up giving me a flash of the check engine light every once in a while and at one point a flashing check engine. When it flashed I came to a stop and it still idled fine so I shut it down to take a look and everything seemed ok so I fired back up with no issues and rode home taking it pretty easy.
It has also been giving me a bit of a lean bog issue that seemed to be common with these sleds but no real issues besides that. I was told that the throttle body adapter could be the cause of this condition so I went to check it out and noticed some scuffing on the intake side of the pistons so I took apart the head and this is what I found...
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The scuffing is on the intake side and even though it is difficult to see you can feel some of it in each cylinder. It doesn't look to be lean by the looks of the pistons and it is getting a shitload(possibly too much?) oil at 23:1. DCUBA is hoping to head out west in about a week so any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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