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Default Heating issues?

Ok so I seem to remember Rubi complaining about the temps he saw on his Pro. I'm curious Rubi if you are still seeing high temps and just how high they are? Flatty, anyone in your group have high heat issues? Gerbs have you ridden enough to see what temps you were running?

On the trail in the Snowies my temps were getting dangerous and I've never had issues like that. 188 degrees was the highest I saw, it actually shut my sled down as I was flying down the trail. I pulled the panels and checked the plugs assuming the worse. Plugs were nasty so I put new ones in and it did start and run great once changed. The temp never got above 155 degrees after that but if I saw 150 I'd slow down and dive off trail. I have just past 2000 miles and slightly nervous the high temps could mean my pistons are getting sloppy as Polaris's newer powerplants and known for. Compression is just over 120psi on both cylinders. A little nervous and figured I'd ask what temps you guys consistently see? Off trail my temps are normally between 120-135. On trail I'm used to seeing 148 for a high temp. Got a little nervous when temps spiked over 150 which was every time we got on a trail. Now on one trail ride back to the cabin I leaded and hauled ass going very fast, riding on the trail like Zeezletitties it didn't even come close to overheating.
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