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Smile Carbides-93 indy 500 EFI

Hey fellas,so ive got the old girl going finally( bad wire running from the battery to the EFI I belive it was, ive also put a new belt in,and changed the chain case oil.

Carbide wise...Does anyone know a model number,or what size of carbide I need for this sled>>>it has the plastic skis on there,so im not to sure what size,etc it needs

and last there different types of carbides for different types of handling?

E.g an 8" carbide is better for handling,where a 3" carbide is better for straights, or does it just depend on the type of sled and thats it?dont get angry at me haha, im fairly new to sledding and just trying to fiqure all this out

* the sled is a '93 Polaris indy 500 EFI, with the 2up therefor it has the bigger track*

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