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Default More electrical fun :s

Hey,so ive put a brand new battery in from royal distributing,ive fully charged her,ive run about 72miles without any issues,i hit a hard just,and noticed that the battery light was blinking again,i took nothing of it,shut it off,and went inside,i came out,and it started first pull as usual,the battery light was no longer blinking...on my way home(about 13mils of trails),i kept at a stedy pace of about 50miles,everything was all good,but as i came to a stop,to make a hard corner,i noticed the battery light flickering again,i was able to keep the sled running by giving it just a little bit of gas,because it felt as if it was going to die,i made it home,but im wondering what that was...any suggestions?

*93 indy 500 EFI
*tThere was a new rectifier put into the sled
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