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Default 1996 polaris rxl indy 650 efi problems

had my sled out dropped ina brad new battery in it made sur it was all connected. Turn the key pull up the kill switch and the fuel pump runs has pressure and fuel pull the cord and no start so i went ahead pulled it into the garage and tore the air box off and did the paper test in the throttle bodies and no fuel in injectors i have good spark fires when you put fuel into cylinders but when fuels gone it bogs out and shuts off. Has new dropping resistor on it tested it even though its new and reads good. made sure i have good connection on batter its okay. So i figured well the air box is off which has the air intake sensor so i should get a code from the ecu that its not hooked up. Pulled the rope and nothing im leaning towards a bad efi relay or the single wire the reads the rpms to the efi and tells it to send fuel through the injectors. can anyone help me with finding out why its not running. BTW each cylinder has awsome commpression
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