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Default Attn: Student Driver?

I'm looking for a universal lefty throttle, do you have something that's universal? I've seen kits that say they are model specific so I wasn't sure if I could make any one work, don't really have experience with one.

I am looking for one to install on our pitbike ATV so Shane can ride it around. Last weekend at the racetrack wasn't a good day. Shane won't be back on a track for at least 6 weeks due to a broken right arm. He wants to be able to go to the races and visit with his friends and thought it would be nice to put a lefty throttle on the little kfx120 ATV so he could tool around on it. I was about to buy a model specific kit off ebay to try and make it work, figured I'd give a shout to you first? I can take pictures of the handlebar setup, figured since it a thumb throttle rather than twist It should work just the same? It is 7/8" bars.

Thanks in advance!
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