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Default Question about reeds..

Hey everyone! New to site and just got another snow machine after a 15 year hiatus. Used to own a 89 Bravo and a 94 V-max for getting around Bush Alaska (Aniak). I just got a pristine 99 600 RMK. Runs awesome and starts first pull every time! Problem is that after 10 minutes of idling and about an 8 mile round trip in 4 foot of slush snow it used over 1/4 tank of fuel. I run easy and pull a lightly loaded sled for hunting supplies. Although the top end was just re done and everything is immaculate, I figured the reeds probably have never been changed. Asked previous owner and he never did it. So... Pulling them out this weekend and changing to Boyesen Power Reeds as I figure while I'm checking them, may as well replace.. (It's a Bush Pilot thing.. Lol) Question is... Will new reeds help the fuel mileage out if at all? Again, I ride easy and just use full throttle usually only for crossing water when surprised by it and when needed for boggin' thru a bad section to get to a stand. Like to get as much fuel economy as possible as some predator hunting trips take several days and many many miles in Idaho high country. Thanks in advance for any help!!
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