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Default Now an ACCS question...

After changing reeds and fixing fuel leaks etc., on my 99 600 RMK, I read up on the ACCS and from looking at the polaris diagram on vintage snow the ACCS is routed all wrong. It shows a vacuum hose from the bottom of the ACCS on the air box routed directly to the vacuum outlet on the inside of the inside carb. The other line from the ACCS on the top is T'd in two locations and then to each carb's vent outlets. Mine wasn't put together anywhere close to this routing. The questions are; to reroute it correctly with new vacuum lines is there a specific length? I mean if the lengths are wrong by say 1/4 inch, is that a major issue? And other question is would this have helped to cause the excessive fuel use? Thanks in advance for the help you all. I really appreciate the feed back.
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