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Default What Can I do to be the Fastest

ok, so i ended buying an ultra engine for my xcr. now the xcr i got is a 96 xcr 600. has slp skis and the rest is stock. my upgrade plans are

1. Brakes from a Pro-X, for better cornering feel and lighter

2. triple pipes, should be obvious why

3. maybe track

4. going to try and take as much weight off the front as possible, for better cornering and better balance

that's about as much as i want to change for now. the rest i was going to do was set up. front shocks/springs are going to get stiffened up alot, for better cornering. rear suspension set up is what im mostly going to worry about though. what i dont know is what set up will make this sled faster. i was thinking stiff shock all around, but the limited strap is tightened tight for ski pressure. highest coupling i can get. that way i can have all the transfer i need when im on the throttle, but also all the ski pressure to turn after i pull the brakes. correct?

any advice will be considered. probably going to upgrade to 800 later on but want to get the sled set up first.

i want this sled to be able to corner like a race car going around the track and also put out impressive top end speed numbers
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