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Default Motor Mounting

Well shit guys, got my ultra engine. Ran it in the old ultra chassis for a while, it works.

Also tried to bolt it into my 1995 xcr 600(found out it wasn't a 96). motor mounts do not line up as the xlt motor is smaller than the ultra. Wouldn't work.

List of crap I gotta do

Cut off those airbox holder metal fin things that hold the stock xlt airbox in place. the mag side metal holder thing needs to have the rivets gone.

Change the oil tank maybe. The stock ultra oil tank holds the ECU where as the xcr oil tank will not

Maybe the cooling bottle too, it's right next to the oil tank. The XCR coolant bottle looks smaller and lighter so I might stick with that one if I can

Exhaust support nub thing(that rubber half ball that the middle of the pipe rests on). Maybe

Take out that stock xcr muffler holder crap that's riveted to the snowmachine

Exhaust outlet on the bellypan

Might have to change wire harnesses(look the same, 96 ultra vs 95 xcr 600)

All the small stuff above, what really stopped me was the motor mounts. They aren't the same and I need to make new ones(one side is broken anyways).

If i'm making new ones how hard would it be to drop the motor as far down as possible? What about moving the engine back too?

Looks like I got a mechanical adventure in front of myself now.
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