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Default Triple Pipes Help

alright everyone, my xcr is pretty close to being finished. it ought to be time i start looking for a set of pipes. engine is an ultra 680 into an xcr wedge chassis.

ok, so ive heard stock ultra sp cdi curves cause sensitive midranges with pipes, so ill be looking for spx cdi. another thing is the needles, do specific pipes absolutely need their brand needles? or could i get away with using slp needles on psi pipes or spx needles on either?

hear's what i heard so far, dynoport is the best, but is running into deto pretty easy, psi is the second best but really loud, slp is third best. everyone says dynotech tested them back in the day and all had within 4 or so hp of each other.

will post updates if i get pipes with egt's or not.
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