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Default My dad Bought a new Tank

skandic 900 ace. that's the wide track.

took it for a cruise and towed a sled with it. it's really quiet, like i can hear the track making noise and thinking something is wrong, but usually those noises are muffled by the exhuast on a 2 stroke. i tried standard and sport mode, haven't touched eco mode yet.

in sport mode it kinda feels like a 2 stroke, but not a sensitive power hit, like it kinda feels like a 2 stroke powercurve, but extremely controllable and not dependent on rpm. i'm not sure if it's the drive by wire throttle not opening the throttle until you have it almost to the bar, or if that's what the power curve actually looks like. for a triple 900 4 stroke i would expect it to have low end grunt, and it does, but the power hit is in the midrange to top end, the tach had fog on it so i couldn't see when the power comes on but it was climbing up to 7 grand. i didn't top it out because it only has 160 miles on it. the power comes on rather fast and kind of a lot in the upper midrange, it was moving that massive track and it's weight pretty good once you get to 3/4 throttle.

radiator and fan so it doesn't over heat, electric start only, r,n,1,2 transmission, 3 driving modes - eco, standard, sport, 2 tethers - one is a governor and the other is a full power tether, finely adjustable hot grips(i had them all the way turned up and didn't feel them in -25f), and mirrors.

it's hard to figure out how to get it into reverse if you don't know how, and in -25f it wouldn't want to warm up if you touch the throttle, it will burble and die. that was in standard mode, idk if they change the a/f ratio at idle or what, but in sport it seemed fine, and idles higher in sport mode.

it doesn't have very much steering effort and it feels like the handle bars will turn forever and has a small turning radius.

the track alone means you're going to be able to tow some heavy fuckin shit.

it also used less than 10 gallons for 160 miles.
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