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Default Mx 2015

First race was a few weeks ago. Sandy track was dry as hell and beat to nothing by the end of hot laps. One of the pro Ndma women showed up, and despite it being the first time I'd ridden all year, I stayed on her tail for half the race. She doesn't do as well in sand and slippery conditions. Pulled a second place.

450c was kinda insane. I got the holeshot by a good ten feet in both motos, but took the slow line to avoid serious carnage through the first jump section. Two other riders crashed out in the 2nd Moto, and one other hashed his transmission, so I came home with a respectable 3rd place.

I was confronted for having a mod bike by 4 of them, because of my wicked holeshot skills that day. The only real advantage was my lowering link teehee! All suspension aside, I am at a 199cc disadvantage! A few other (biggest guys I am on friendly terms with) riders stepped in on the situation and told them what was going on, and sent them on their way to go lick their wounded sandy ballsacks.

It was a pretty good day!
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