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Putting the engine, wiring, overstructure, exhaust, a-arms/shocks, belt drive(if its good) from the '15 to the assault. The right a-arms are good on the Assault if you are interested in getting half way to zbroz. I do have the '15 stock rmk a-arms? Gotta pull one shock off and see if it's straight, it looks like it may be jacked up. Same with rear shocks, not sure if they are straight. I don't see damage but judging from the way everything is twisted I want to pull them first. I don't really have anywhere for another month to put them so they are staying on a trailer in the yard until we can get them in the garage to start taking them apart.
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Nobody on this site likes Ski Doo except Dirty Harry, and he's better at making babies than buying or fixing sleds, so you don't want to listen to him.

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