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Default 2017-2018 Winter

Hello Nutz!!! I'm eagerly awaiting JD's winter forecast, as I am sure you are. In the mean time, I decided to start doing a little research of my own. The real problem with any weather forecasting is that the models can only be as good as the data, and since most of the data is owned by the US and European governments (all of whom have conceded the global warming point), its pretty tough to take any forecast at face value. But! Since modifying things is part of a braaaper's life, we can modify the forecast to be more accurate too!

That link is pretty promising for the upper Midwest and UP. Why? Because despite the overwhelming desire the Poindexters' at NOAA have to tell us that every winter is the warmest on record, they were forced to keep us out of the 'above average' classification! What does that mean? It means we are probably going to have a colder than average winter. That combined with average (to potentially slightly above average) snowfall means good base and bitchin' braaaping conditions!

So, a big fuck you to NOAA and a big thumbs up to awesome winters!
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