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Default Anyone know where i can get some free go kart plans? Or give me some ideas...

Since there doesnt seem to be any real threads in this section haha.. I think this was the best place to post it. I am wanting to built a go kart over the summer. I want a full suspension one. If i cant find some plans i have an idea about the rear and ill just start from scratch and built it all myself but i would like some plans or something to help out. Anyone know of any? Or if you have some ideas about the front end as far as the steering and suspension..

I want it to be somewhat similar to this go kart but i want mine to be a bit more rugged or heavy duty or whatever you want to call it. Im planning doing the rear end like this one cuz it seems the easiest way.
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I been thinking of using my 440 fan out of my older polaris but that engine isnt the greatest and its a single carb. I will use that if i have to but it would be harder. I want to find a dirt bike engine or something i think that would be alot easier.. I think i have most of the tubing to make the frame and stuff..

Maybe a little more similar to this one..
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