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Default Polaris SL series known issues

As time goes on I'll write more stuff up, but for starters:

The 92-96 Polaris SL650/750/780 series of waverunners have a known issue with the fuel pump delivering fuel at high RPM due to the fuel pump. While the pump is sufficient when brand new, or in stock skis it doesn't quite cut it after a few years. The result is a holed PTO piston.

This problem is easily fixed. Swapping the single-outlet round Mikuni pump for a 2 or 3 outlet pentagon-style pump will give you all the fuel you'll ever need. The 2 outlet is found on Polaris XCR-800 snowmobiles. The 3 outlet is found on Polaris XCR-600SP, Ultra SPX, and XCR-700 snowmobiles.

Plug the outlets, and route each carb with its own line from the fuel pump and you're in good shape. Make sure you keep the restrictor in the return line if you change out lines.

Follow the diagram below. If you have questions, just ask.

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