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Default 2009 Ski-Doo Summit 800X 163 (OSM Sled review)

Just some good reading from the OSM!

2009 Ski-Doo Summit 800X 163
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If you’re looking for the ultimate mountain climber, look no further than the 2009 Ski-Doo 800X 163. Featuring what feels like a steroid-induced 800R PowerTEK engine, this snowmobile had tons of power to climb the highest of mountains. More times than not, what will keep you from highmarking will be running out of nerve rather than running out of power. With the REV-XP lightweight racing seat, cornering and standing is easy and comfortable. The 800X comes with what Ski-Doo calls a low windshield. Let’s just say ‘low’ is an understatement. We think you’ll be happier ordering a mid-size one. Floatation is made available by the16-inch wide PowerdeMax track with 2.25 inch lugs that hook up like nobody’s business. Up front are a pair of wide-body Pilot 6.9 skis, which have a short, deep centre keel to reduce steering effort, while still being buoyant on the snow.
Ski-Doo’s Summit R&D guru Chris Ruske led the OSM test team to untouched areas in the Colorado Mountains that were free of any tracks. Very cool. After watching him ride the 800X, some figured manoeuvring the sled up the mountain would be a piece of cake. However, we were to learn there was a lot of body English needed when going vertical on this buggy. While it’s not heavy by any means, it is long. Boondocking was a chore, especially when whipping around trees although this sled was fast, smooth, and had plenty of power.

The new gauge is nothing short of awesome, featuring a sharply-styled analog speedometer and tachometer, complemented with a multi-function three-zone LCD screen. Each zone has a selection of data points to display, which can be changed via the handlebar control. Overall, the sled looks as cool as it rides. Need to get up the hills without worrying about lack of power? Check out the 800X 163.

800R PowerTEK

Drive Clutch

Driven Clutch

Brembo Hydraulic

Ft Suspension
Dual A-arms, 9 inches of travel

Rear Suspension
SC-5M, 16 inches of travel

Ft Shocks
Kayaba HPG, T-A aluminum

Rear & Centre Shock
Kayaba HPG T-A aluminum

Dry Weight
434 lb
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