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Default How to start a flooded snowmobile engine.

Ordinarily, when any engine floods, you have to wait for the gasoline to evaporate before you can start the motor, and with a snowmobile, you won't always have the luxury of waiting somewhere warm.. However, there's an easy trick to start a snowmobile even with a flooded engine.

1. Make sure that the kill-switch is depressed. You don't want the engine starting while you're tinkering with it.
2. Open the hood of the sled and locate the spark plug. It's location may vary slightly in each model. If you can't find it or don't know what a spark plug looks like, reference the user's manual.
3. Remove the spark plug with the spark plug wrench and clean the gas off of it with a rag. If you don't have a rag, a shirt sleeve will do.
4. With the spark plug removed, pull the starter-chord a few times to turn the engine and clear the excess gas out.
5. Replace the spark plug and close the hood. The snowmobile should be ready to start.

This is usually common knowledge to anyone who has ever owned a triple.

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