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Default Anyone got a vintage with newer engine?

Anyone got a vintage sled with an upgraded bigger engine in it? I want to see some projects like that, not like professionally done ones for racing, just a project done for the fun of it.

I would really like to do that when i get a chance to. Im sure i will one day, not anytime soon. Prolly a vintage polaris with a liquid cooled twin or triple, doesnt matter. But want a leaf spring one, take it on vintage rides? haha

What would be one of the best vintage Polaris for something like that? One already equipped with coolers would be best but shouldnt be too hard to add some? Maybe the running board coolers would work good/easier than tunnel coolers, prolly not much room under there..

IBS, still got that txl laying around? I wish i had a way of getting that from you. I would love to do something with it, and you know i would put it to some use.
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