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Talking My Pantera is alive!!

I got the 80 Pantera a few weeks ago and as some of you know I had a lot of questions lol!
(I still dont know where that other top oil line goes)?
I got the new line's all on and the spring/track adjuster/axle ect.. in and hopefully right and all the old gas out.
I changed the chain case oil and got the last acorn out of the exhaust pipe :laugh:
After my last experince with the Colt(RIP)I got my fire extinguisher and set out to hear her run!
Took about 20 or so pulls since the fuel lines were empty and she started trying to run,she kept flooding out so I figured out the choke was stuck,fixed that and cleaned the plugs and she cranked!!
Im so excited to hear her run,sounds good too,just needs fine tuneing and some duct tape on the seat and I should be ready for the snow were suspossed to get this week

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