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Default Attention all users

Our host has informed me that this week we will be moving to a new, faster, and upgraded server. What this means to you: Nothing. Just kidding, it means pretty much nothing - just faster browsing and I'd appreciate it if you all kept your eyes and ears open for any errors that are out of the ordinary. I know there are a couple errors within the site (namely, the upload error and the garage error) but other than that I'm pretty sure we're glitch and bug free. The main issue is that we are FINALLY being upgraded to PHP 5.0 as it is finally 100% backwards compliant (supposedly). This will allow some great improvements to the site (Chat and a few other modifications I want to add).

If you receive errors, please let me know here by replying to this thread. If you could do a screen shot of the error and post it, that would be perfect. If you don't know how to perform a screen shot, just ask.

I'm anticipating zero errors though, so don't get your hopes up ACG.
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