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I bought some racing pipes made by team fast to go on my 96 skidoo formula III. I have already had 2 people look at this sled and do the work both were confident they could get it to run but all i have done was basically give money away. I have also tried to contact TEAM FAST with them not helping me out at all. I have had some carb work done and had the different jets put in. 400 on the outer cylinders and 390 in the middle cylinder. The sled when you start it will idle fine when cold but when you try and move it it doesnt move until it gets warmed up. but then when it is warm doesnt have any low end power. i am not looking to race the sled. just want something with some nice sound and more power. can i do this without having to upgrade with bigger carbs or putting new weights or a spring in the clutch? I need help. I want to get this sled running good without having to do all that work. PLEASE HELP.
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