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Default 95 Z440 qustion

Hello, I'm new to this site. I havn't introduced my self yet in the introduction area yet because it won't let me post. When I click on the 'new thread' It says that I need to log in. When I log in it still won't let me. Any ideas why?

Any ways I have a technical question about a 95 Z440. I just purchased this sled yesterday for cheap. It needs a little tlc and it will be a good sled. The reason I got it so cheap was the track was buggered. The guy had already bought another track which came with the deal. I have to install the new one myself. I am very machanically inclined I have totally rebuilt my indy 400 from ground up along with a older motor cycle, and I do all of my own repairs on all of the recreation vehicles I own, so thats not an issue. The question is: Is there any thing different (than my 400) that I need to be aware of when taking the drive and Jackshat out. I realize that I may not need to take the jackshaft apart to replace the track but while I have it apart that far I may as well change the bearings in the chain case and on the clutch side as well. I realize that it will be somewhat different, but is it the same general idea. From what I see it looks prety straight forward.

Thanks in advance
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