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Thumbs up Thought I'd share

This is what I devote most of my time and energy to. Hopefully the sled can get a little more attention as I am almost done with this project.

Picture of the engine when I was installing the Riva Stage 1 kit back in 2005. Ski was consistent 67mph boat stock after this was 71mph consistently.

Air intake component of the Stage 1 kit.

Riva intake grate and rideplate bolt holes filled in.

OPAS fin blockoffs.

In 2007 I went to a custom stage 2 kit. Results were on par with the Riva stage 2 kit but for a lot less $$$. Note the large external intercooler at the rear of the ski.

This is the vortech supercharger I was running with the stage 2. Not much improvement over stock as far as top end is concerned, just a little better acceleration throughout the RPM range.

In 2008 I ditched the stock exhaust system. Shortened the j-pipe and went to an aftermarket waterbox.

Added a rear air intake for the supercharger versus the other one that wrapped around the engine.

Added a catch can for blow-by.

Larger fuel injectors because I went with a better supercharger (which I do not have pictures of. These are rated at 42# versus the stock 38#.

Replaced the old OPAS blockoffs with longer ones to further reduce porposing.

And here is the ski as it currently is. Consistent 76mph top speed. 9mph improvement from stock with acceleration throughout the RPM range GREATLY improved.

This year I plan on doing some throttle body work, improving the efficiency of the intercooler, and possibly doing some work around the pump. Year after I'd like to do one more supercharger upgrade in hopes of hitting 80mph on a stock ECU, which is rare with these skis.

'98 Vmax 600 SX
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