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Default How to Build A Track Cutting Tool

Some of you may never have a need to use one of these
cutters but if you ever do, here what they look like....

Click image for larger version

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My story....

I had a 1995 Polaris XCR 600, I bought it used and it came
with a 1.25" Challenger full length paddel track. I kind of
figured that it was too much track for our area of riding.
The sled ran great with ton's of traction but when I got
into the deep snow the sled would bogg down. I lowered
the suspension into to lower mounting holes wich helped
some but it did not get rid of the bogg completly.
I realized that the track was filling the tunnel with too
much snow, causing the bogg.
My options were, to buy a new track and try to sell the
Challenger(The track was brand new with only a few
hours on it.) Or try to cutt it down to 1".

Now I had gotten some ideas from fellow sledders,
of course none of them good ones.
One said "try a grinder" no thanks! Another said
"use a propane torch and a sharp knife" again No thanks!
So I came up with this handy tool! You couldent belive
how easy it was and it only took about 5 minutes to do
the entire track.

Here's how its made..

I used a piece of nylon but you could use whatever you
have around like wood or steel.

Drill and tapp two holes in one end of the block far enough
apart to accomidate a standard razor blade. Then cut
out a semi-circle between the two holes you just made.
Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_1458.JPG
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Now add washer's above the razor blade untill you have
reached the dypth of lug you want on your track.
Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_1457.JPG
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In my case I wanted the depth of my track to be 1"
Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_1463.JPG
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Now place the cutter over the track lugso that the bolts
are touching the bottom of the track.

Click image for larger version

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Now slowly pull twardy yourself while keeping a downward
pressure on the tool.
This will cut off the remainder of the track that you don't
want leaving you with the lug hight that you require.
For me it left a 1" lugHere's a tip- Change the blade every
15-20 cuts, it makes life allot easer.

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