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Default Adjusting TPS Made Easy (Video)

TPS (Throttle Position Sensor)

Some Polaris snowmobiles are manufactured with Throttle Position Sensors (TPS). The TPS comes set from the factory and should not need adjustment. However, upon removal of the TPS, you must mark the TPS position on the carburetor and replace it in the exact same position as removal. Polaris has developed a TPS test kit for aid in setting the Throttle Position Sensor to specification and cost around $145.
So heres what i did...
I went to my local Radio Shack and bought a 5vdc regulator, some aligator clips, some 9v battery clips(+)(-) wires and some new 9v batt. I then assembled and soldered all the parts together so the batt ran through a lighted switch, then to the 5 vdc regulator, thus putting out 5v to the (+) aligator clip. All together everything cost me $15

TPS Testing

1. Make sure your 9 volt battery is in good condition
by inserting the black volt meter probe from your
Fluket meter in the black terminal and the red
probe into the pink terminal. Voltage should read
4.99 to 5.01 volts. If not, try a new 9 volt battery.

2. Remove the connector from the TPS.
(Red, Black, Pink)

3. Install aligator clips on TPS.

4. Insert red voltmeter lead into yellow terminal, and
black lead to black terminal. Slowly open throttle
and check for smooth voltage change.
NOTE: The fluke meter will change scales and show
O.L. mometarily when throttle is opening.

5. Voltage at yellow terminal should be 4.0 volts at
Wide Open Throttle for domestic engines, If not,
the TPS must be adjusted.

6. Loosen the two screws that hold the TPS on the
carburetors using a Torxt T25 bit with tamper
resistant hole in bit.

7. Turn the TPS clockwise to decrease voltage, or
counterclockwise to increase voltage.

8. When the TPS is set to the desired voltage, tighten
the holding screws and verify voltage is 4.0 volts at Wide Open Throttle for Polaris domestic

9. When the TPS is set and voltage is verified,
remove the tester and re-install the snowmobile TPS harness.

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