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well spoken Ibreak and CW, im my case i wrench cause i aint got a freakn choise, if i dont, it wont get done. I may ask for physical help, but i still do a majority of the work myself so i know how to. My ol friends 03 snopro 440 cat had a sloppy rotor, new pads fixed hte clank clank noise. not saying its rite but i worked for him In my opion Polaris is the easiest to work on and im talkin wedges, and the trip trip. im learning the diff between the piston port and reed case motors also. Not a hater, but i love the big tripps. Cant beat them. my friends twins are torquey, but they lack that pull that goes well over 100 easily all day long. Just my opion, but as long as your having fun and sleddn who really gives a fuck, lets have funnnnnnnnnnnnn
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