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Default 440, 600 and other random parts. BUY MY STUFF!

Gotta clean out the garage and move some parts, all prices are OBO so shoot me a reasonable offer. Pics are up on photobucket, anything you see in the linked album is for sale. If you have any questions about parts let me know.

Part / Part Number, description / Price(all OBO)

Stator / 4011411 14deg / $50
Flywheel / 4010629 14deg / $50
600CFI Cylinder / 3021866, lightly scuffed on the exhaust side but you can't feel it with a finger nail, is still usable as is. / $150
600VES Cylinder Core / 3021866, missing a chunk of cylinder skirt / $75
600VES Cylinder Core / 3021866, dents in top of cylinder / $75
600VES VES Assemblies / $75pair
600VES Motor Straps / $20
600VES Crankcase / 5630846 / $100
600 VES Carb Boots / 0 angle, with reeds / $50pair
440HO Crank / $100
440 HO Cylinders, pistons, VES Asm. / 3021604 / pistons are a little rough but could work just to get you going $250all
440 HO Lo-comp head /with water cover and temp sensor $125
440 HO Hi-comp head / $50
440 HO Y-Pipe $25
600VES Y-pipe $25
440 HO pipe and Can $75

PSI Big Bore, big block 700 cylinders(68mm stroke, 86mm bore) 800cc. I really want to keep these around because they are unique in that this isn't a 760 or 770 kit, it is an 800. You don't see too many of them around, but I just don't have an engine platform for them anymore now that I've moved onto working with smallblocks. Only problem with the cylinders are the head bolt threads, half are heli-coiled and need to be redone and one of the bolts sheared off in the cylinder. I'm pretty sure millennium could fix them up no problem / $300pair

600/700/800 Big Block HTG Race pipes / $200
Fox rebuildable front shocks 16in CC one bent shaft / $75pair
SLP Boost Bottle for big block / $20
Mikuni TM38 carbs from a XC500 / $150
Cat Roller secondary / yellow spring and 49deg helix / $75
Black Magic BM-19 Cat Helix / $25
60-52 Cat Helix (purple) / $25
R-8 Polaris button Helix / $25

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