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Ibreakstuff Says: Time to start the snow dance!
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Group Rides

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Old 12-01-2010
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gotta run....wont be back till tommorrow....peace out BEOTHCES
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Old 12-01-2010
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Originally Posted by ZLZEBUB View Post
gotta run....wont be back till tommorrow....peace out BEOTHCES
thanks for the warning
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I love squatches!
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Old 12-01-2010
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Trails in the Yoop are awesome.
"Do not go where the path may LEAD, go instead where there is no path and leave a TRAIL"

Originally Posted by Rubi View Post
Nobody on this site likes Ski Doo except Dirty Harry, and he's better at making babies than buying or fixing sleds, so you don't want to listen to him.
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Old 12-01-2010
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Yup, I agree with cuzzi and mud. offtrail in the UP is very dangerous, lots of hidden tree stumps and such(just ask cuzzi, he bend the steering on one of his old M's trying to offtrail up here). And with such nice trails why even bother leaving them? Just stick to the trails and you'll all be fine.
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Old 12-01-2010
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Originally Posted by ZLZEBUB View Post
uhm ya....i was at JD for years and years....then SKYLAR made a boo boo and erased everyones i sent john emails over and over for 4 years....he never answered then i made an account PROFESSOR PC and made up an email from another place like wowway i think.....then never used that email and forgot the password....then i think someone asked me where i can store some sled in i posted a link to a warehouse we own for storage....i think he got pissed at me for advertising or something(learned this later on)....he musta sent the emails to me at the one i dont one day it just said YOU BEEN BANNED explaination so i dunno....i asked several dudes if they would tell johns whats up and that i been trying to contact em and fix whatever it was that made em mad....but noone did.....if ya want to you can tell em i'm trying to erase whatever it was or fix it.....i dunno....i can make a proxie or easily post on JD if i want to but its johns site so i dont like doing i been goin to that site since 1990's when it started.....i ride all around there too....and they know i guide and they have KSE TOURS now and i think SKYLAR is pissed at me for guiding and not registering or somethin nutty.....only thing they never asked me is i dont take money form thier KSE TOURS....the people i guide all hire me because they know me or word of mouth there is no conflict but i think they think i'm jackin with their they dont answer i let it big deal.....theres 100's of other being banned is not what u always think it is...well if ya want ta tell JD or SKYLAR that i was trying to fix whatever it si made em mad ya me at though....and i dont answer email but every 3 weeks so dont expect it right away but i will answer them.....if he wants ta leave it how it is thats cool too....i never hold a grudge, i always move on.....happiness is far better

and flatland.....many sites i cannot go to because of certain AVATARS and pics that are not marked XXX.....many sites are now off related ya knows......never have time anymore like i used to......i come here lately cause its work safe.....for now.....but that could end dont get your colored panties all up in a aint spelling ya chucklehead....and sides.....talkin like a hillybilly is fun......same as EH? up north....most people know its just funnin round.....get a clue will ya....rememba, ya HEAD doesnt have to be FLAT like ya screen name is

there....does that splain it all in simple terms MOM

PS....only JD has banned me and without knowing why i cannot tell you why
I like quoting your posts, everything's underlined in red!

For being a computer genius, you sure don't know how to recover a password well. Or create a new email addy and sign back up.
You don't have to flinch for me to know that you're scared.
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