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Ibreakstuff Says: Time to start the snow dance!
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Hale Yes Winter Fest 1-8-11 IS ON

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Old 01-03-2011
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Default Hale Yes Winter Fest 1-8-11 IS ON

Ok boy & girls it's obvious mother nature is a sick twisted bi#*% that has no sence of humor So just about every snowmobile racing event that was set for the weekend of January 8th in the great state of Michigan has been canceld !!!! But wait amungest the clouds of doom and gloom is a bright ray of hope Hale Michigan, Yes the good people from the Hale Yes Winter Fest have decided to go forth with there event inspite of the serious lack of snow. They have set out a fatwa to the local trucking companys to truck in snow from the local parking lots just like our snow cross buddies doo when they have por snow conditions. Now I think this is going to be a real snowy grass drag in a vary short time, but hay you can't go tail ridding so you might as well show up and play with us. All right enough of my feel good speech, below is a real long list of how the show works so lets help out the great folks of Hale they worked real hard to put together this show and all we need to make it great is YOU
The 2011 Hale Yes Winter Fest snow drags will be held January 8th 2011 at the Iosco County Fair Grounds located at 320 North Washington Hale Michigan 48739 This event will feature grudge style snowmobile drag racing open to the public. Thatís right race your buddy all day long on a 500í long snow drag strip complete with a Race America timeing system with printed time slips showing the reaction time, elasped time and finish order first thru forth in all four lanes. Now keep in mind you donít need a drag sled to compete at this event, the race is ment to offer track time to the average trail rider any snowmobile will do new, old, heck even a two up sled can race. There are no classes there are no rules you are out there racing your buddys or who ever is in the lane next to you all day long. The race works like this you either ride your sled to the fair grounds from the state trail or trailer them to the fair grounds after stoping at the gate give the nice people working the gate $7.00 per person children under 12 are free. And look for the staging lanes near the start line of the drag strip, drive your sled into the staging lane and one of the Yankee Zephyr Racing Officials will sell you a special event sticker to place on your sled for $20.00 showing you have paid for track time to run all day as many times as you like racing who ever you like. There will be a Yankee Zephyr Racing Official at the end of the staging lane allowing four at a time to enter the starting area when you approach the starting line pull into the beams untill the staging lights turn on you have a 16 inch window to be either deep or shallow according to your distance away from the guard beam. Once all four sleds are staged the starter will point to each driver making sure he or she is ready to race. Once all four have indicated they are ready the starter will point down track indicating each driver should look at the starting tree and wait for the lights to flash indicating itís time for you to nail it and enjoy the ride. Once your race is over proceed down the return lane to recieve your time slips showing you your RT, ET, and finnishing order. After you have completed the course return to the staging area to race again. At 4:30 pm we will shut down the track to re-dress the racing surface and prepair for the final event of the day ďThe Sud-Boy King Of The Trail Shoot Out, This is the only class we will offer at this event, the entry fee is only $10 per sled and the class is structured like this. Those that want to enter should bring some pretty heavy iron for this class. Turbos, Blowers, Nos, Big Bore kits are all allowed, the only rule for this class is it must have full length skis. The top four finalest will receive a cut of the $650.00 prize presented by Stud-Boy Traction Products First place will receve a $300.00 gift certificate Second place will receive a $200.00 gift certificate Third place will receive a $100.00 gift certificate and fourt place will receive $50 gift certificate all good for Stud-Boy traction products. This is the only eastern Michigan snow drag we have on our schedule this year so donít miss out on all of the family fun. To see more about our show go to You Tube and bring up 2009 TC 500 .wmv if you have questions about the event Email us or call our office at 1-616-260-4382 ask for Jimmy Thank You !!!!!!!!!!
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Old 01-03-2011
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Cool, sounds like a fun weekend. I need to build a drag sled one of these years.
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Old 01-04-2011
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Holy smokes! No paragraphs batman!
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I don't take meds.
This forum is cheaper.
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Old 01-04-2011
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Dude I gave up reading half way through it lol, I need to go get some aspirin.
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