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How do these plugs look?

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Old 01-13-2011
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Originally Posted by ZLZEBUB View Post
trust DONT want an explantion from one of these dudes
Who the fuck is this guy? (zlzbub). I haven't said much, because the advise given from the majority that do respond to a topic, are spot on. If this guy talks like he types it would probally sound like he's got my balls in his mouth. As far as advice, (if anyone could read it) I wouldn't let this guy work on my lawn mower.
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Old 01-13-2011
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comeon snow!!!!!!!!!!
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That's fucking hilarious!
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Old 01-13-2011
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Default Domed vs. Plat top wash

Originally Posted by Powersledder View Post
If you can look in to see the pistons, this is what you're looking for

Reading wash depends on the piston type. Domed, vs. flat top. I don't know what you have in your sled but this picture shows pretty good wash on a flat top piston. (Maybe a hair lean to some, but ran issue free with this wash pattern for 4500 miles on my M8)

The more wash, the richer the sled is running.

I also attached a decent plug reading guide, however, wash is the more important of the two.

Check out this link for some plug reading pictures/tips.
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Old 01-18-2011
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let us know how that choppin is doin....or if u just looked into the carbs to see if the slides was flush with the one was off and if you moved the center needle it would do it....that and sync'in em...just curious so all the sled gods will be appeased
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Old 01-20-2011
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pulled up the needles one notch for safety sake, didnt ride it much at all do to having an extra sled with. I did notice poking around in there that the middle throttle cable where it comes off the split may have been pulled out in past. I can see the metal cable below the plastic cover and the adjustment on the carb cap is screwed all the way out. I am going to try and see if that cable will seat back down with a pliers (only had hands at the time and that wasnt enough to push it back in). That may be the culprit. The carbs were definetly out of sync and the movement of this might just be doing it.
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Old 01-20-2011
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Originally Posted by ZLZEBUB View Post
o i forgot that there is only one way to do you dudes are uptight....its called ADVICE and or an OPINION a little....or....dont do it that way....big deal.....its easier to check that than to buy many jets ya dont need.....not to mention theres altitude, humidity, and all kinds of other factors in a snowmobile when bout this.....let him read this shit and then decide which one he wants to try first....maybe he'll do both....i dunno....thusly its called a thread

PS....i dont think he's mad about any of this advice dude....but you sure are
its called advice yep, good advice or bad advice, you tell him to ignore others and now the others are telling him to ignore you.
for the first month your style of typing was funny, but even the 12 year olds are getting bored with it. if you would speak so we could understand you it might make it easier to get your point across.

go to the how to section and look up sync carbs. then sync chokes.

more times than not if you are lean on the pilot or idle circut the sled can give a bog then pop and take off. for the most part if you arent getting any of that, and the sled isnt loading up bad once its warm you are fine.

i usually dont mess with idle circut jetting unless there is a symptom. ie loading up at a road crossing or popping when giving it gas.

but the others are correct, you drive the sled around at 1/4-3/4 throttle only then stop and check plugs, do that several times.
if the plugs are lean then drop the e clip to raise the needle.

then with new plugs or clean plugs to some short wide open runs, as soon as you let go of the throttle hit the kill switch. then check the plugs, do that several times until you start seeing color. once you see color you know you are safe to keep doing it more, if after a few 500' bursts if you dont see any color change then you better be looking at the plugs close for aluminum peppering of the plug to make sure you arent getting detonation.

if plugs are lean go up a size on the main jet.
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