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General Sled Banter

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Old 02-28-2011
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Probably got my last ride last weekend in WI. trails were good and the off trail was even better. Did happen to have 1 unfortanate instance, riding through the forest I saw a group of 4 sleds coming towards us so I stopped about 50 ft from the corner since I could see them coming at a fast clip. Low and behold they came around the corner doing atleast 30mph......then the first rider saw me sitting there and locked up the brakes and started fishtaling and ended up going down the hill through the trees and the rest of the posse behind him pretty much followed suit. And of course it was my fault for sitting 50ft from the corner.......fucking 16 year old kids started yelling at me and shit, told the fucker hes lucky I saw him coming cause he would of definatly taken me out in that corner. My son and I had a rope and ended up pulling his sled back up the hill with the Dragon,told the fuckers if they wanted to live to see 17 they better slow down going into the corners......never know what or who is on the other side.
Originally Posted by RipnChick View Post

then I'll be busy fingering myself on Saturday with my in-tact fingers, thank you.
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Old 02-28-2011
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yeah i had a few douches pop around corners, i was playing tour guide seeing i new the trails the best, first is nice with no snow dust but sketchy with not knowing whats coming..

i would have left the bastards to figure their own way out of the hole....
Reppin' NY!!
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