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Arctic Cat General Discussion

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Old 07-21-2008
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Originally Posted by Triple650indy View Post
They are both rising rate suspension designs that use a trapezoidal shape in tandem with a shock absorber to reduce the shock getting to the frame. The only determining factor in trailing arm suspension travel with how high to make the bulkhead and shock towers. Now we are seeing this progressively higher mounting points on the A-arms that allow for more travel. But one thing back in the late 70's when the IFS was introduced was that a lower frame would provide extra stability and would enable faster corners without the body roll. The IFS was born in the days of circle track racing of course where speed in the corners was very important. Whereas today manufacturers are building sleds for Sno-X which requires a suspension and frame to take 25-30ft jumps sometimes. But A-arms have a limit as well. You have a group of cylindrical bars that are lightweight aluminum, or in a racers case chromium or titanium. Aluminum is one of the greatest metals on earth but it can only be made to survive only so much force before it snaps. Whereas a steel trailing arm is a beefy alternative.

thats what I
Originally Posted by RipnChick View Post

then I'll be busy fingering myself on Saturday with my in-tact fingers, thank you.
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Old 07-21-2008
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Originally Posted by rock2324 View Post
thats what I
My reply was for people who know what the word trapezoidal means...
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