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How to change and upgrade your Reed Valves

Snowmobile How-To's

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Old 09-27-2008
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Originally Posted by Polaris1man View Post
Damn MX, better get me a "Sno-Bungie" for X-Mas, appears Jeff is going to need to be pulled out like another Ultra we know, and he's even long tracked!! As for the Boyseens Harry, have any problem with cracking in Cold weather, they are plastic correct? I have a set of the V-Force on my sled, with the boost bottle, and it definitely cleaned up the bottom end, momma doesn't have a boost bottle on her sled, and I can certainly tell the difference. Rock, you going to be able to make it up here on the 1st Snow fall? A bit over 3 hours from your place in St Paul Park, we have a excellent 1/4 strip for you to test the results, and if you don't like that, we can go over to a crop dusters old air strip!!
I dont know Pman, they arent on my sled yet. :p I dont think they are plastic either.
My drinking team has a snowmobiling problem...

​I am one gun away from happy!!

Originally Posted by Madcow View Post
rihanna shut up and drive, I would split her in half as part of my equal opportunity bed.
Originally Posted by RipnChick View Post
I don't take meds.
This forum is cheaper.
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Old 09-27-2008
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boyesens are fiber, not carbon fiber... but fiber.
Originally Posted by RipnChick View Post
She was a fat girl, of course she did.
she was all hongry and shit.
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Old 09-28-2008
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Harry, just make sure you put the reed stops back in, MX can tell you of a story where I broke a reed pedal, and you had to be on the flipper or it wold stall out, not fun trying to go down a 30 mph twisty trail, with the lever taped to the handle bars!! Now I carry spare reeds just for that reason
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