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Whats your Favorite Sledding Movie...

General Sled Banter

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Old 10-11-2007
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Default Whats your Favorite Sledding Movie...

Your favorite Sledding Movie

Well just to let everone know, I now have a new favorite sledding movie!
I just got done watching Slednecks 10 and it blew my socks off!!!!
If you haven't seen it yet, let me tell you, ya need to go see this one.
I found it to be one of the best mixes of all riding styles and X Games footages.

Even the music in Slednecks 10 was decent, from WolfMother to Ramstine. I know
with some of the other sled movies the soundtracks are so harsh that it's
actually better to watch the movie with the sound turned down or even off but not so
with this one. I had this baby cranked on the Bose and DAMN it gave me goose bumps.
It was a great mix of music and actual sled sounds. I belive that the sound of them
high power sleds screaming at full throtle make the movie.

There are some new camera angles that give some great shots and some new riders doing
some of the most amazing stunts that I have ever seen.

Here is a short list of movies that I currently own.....

Slednecks 1-10
Slednecks Red Bull Fuel+Fury
Compound 2006
2 Stroke Cold Smoke 6
Boondockers 2
Crash Man Down
ThunderStruck 1-4
I also have a few other movies that I have lent out last year that haven't come
back to me yet and I can't for the life of me remember the names. I would like
them back one day(Chris).

Now lets here what your favorits sledding movie is and If you want try to list
some of the movies that you currently own!
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Old 10-11-2007
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Default Whats your Favorite Sledding Movie...

I like all sled movies, even the crappy ones are fun to watch. My Personal Favorites are the Turnagain Hard Core movies. I also like 2stroke cold smoke movies because its more Ak than not, if you ever want to see what its like to live in Ak just watch Frontier films "Crash! man down" there is so much daily life shit in that movie I can relate to. I used to like Braaap movies before they were bought out by Snowstuff entertainment, now its a little too "lower 48" for me.
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Old 10-12-2007
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Default Whats your Favorite Sledding Movie...

I bought the 1st 7 slednecks, even have Chris Burandts autgraph on #7 but I just got tired of all the ramp tramp stuff!! crash man down is a good one, reminds you that there are people out there even dumber than us!! the sled porns are pretty good, I got T-struck4 at haydays, pretty ggod!! Timmy got me to buy one from haydays (can't remember the name and the ol lady has it packed up already) but it was just some riders out in Cooke City, by far the best vid I bought this year!!
If you have THREE, I like thee!!
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