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Old 08-20-2008
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Default Buy my XP!

Gotta do it folks, I have nowhere to store them and I was planning on selling them anyways.

First we have a limited edition 1995 SeaDoo XP800. Only 500 were made, and just about all of them were race skis. Most have been trashed over the years. I salvaged one. This ski was raced for a few years, so expect a race ski. EVERYTHING on this ski works flawlessly except the fuel gauge (go figure). After putting a meter on the sending unit, I've discovered that's the culprit. I tore this engine down last summer, and replaced all gaskets and seals. It currently has 185 PSI in each hole (can be lowered with new gaskets, which I have), can be safely run on 92 IF you keep the WOT runs to less than 15 seconds. It's hard to do that though! This ski PULLS really hard. NOTE: This is NOT a wrencher. This is a sub-limited class gas and go ski.

It comes with:

-Rossier pipe
-R&D Trim tabs
-Bored nozzle
-Ocean Pro Vortex flame arrestors
-Blueprinted pump
-Finger throttle
-Renthal Bars
-TinyTach tachometer
-Added 96XP hood with triple guages (all work, including fuel - but sending guage is messed up)
-Beachouse sponsons
-Jettrim seat riser... I took off the seat cover because it tears your legs apart if you aren't wearing a wetsuit
-R&D scoop intake grate
-New battery last year
-3 working keys programmed to the DESS
-One duckbill drain.
-Extra waterbox
-A cover. Not the best of shape but it works!

To complete this setup to maked it WICKED quick you'd need to add some 44 or 46 Novi's/etc, and MSD, and add a bilge.

Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0420.jpg
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Name:	IMG_0426.jpg
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