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'98 Xc 700

Tech Info

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Old 12-10-2007
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Default '98 Xc 700

Mine runs for a while then dies and will not restart for quite some time. if I unplug the main ignition wire it will start immediately. Any suggestions?
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Old 12-10-2007
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do you mean the wires at the key switch? simple leave it unplugged and use the red kill switch on the bar. no matter what switch it is, chances are you just need a new one. sounds like an internal short. the only way to really tell is when it dies take an ohm meter and with the key in the on position see if there is continuity, then turn it off and see what changes.
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Old 12-12-2007
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No, I am talking about the wire from the ignition box to the coil. The box works fine when on another XC 700. The wire that I unplug eliminates the kill switch and the ignition switch. I have also eliminated both of these individually and the sled still will not start. I do not believe that its a wire short because if it is left alone for a couple hours it will restart.
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Old 12-12-2007
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Heat wreaks havoc with electronics. You said you tested the "box" on another sled, how hard would it be to test the rest of the stuff on there as well to narrow down what's wrong?
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Old 12-12-2007
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