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Picked Up A New Quad


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Old 12-31-2007
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Default Picked Up A New Quad

Welll, as some of you know, I work on a farm, I am the "benificiary" haha (god forbid Dad dies) Well we farm potatoes and oats, And I drive the loaded trucks for the combines and im a "gopher" during harvest, I pretty much do abything that needs to be done. And after me and dad run both our 4240 and 4455 with chisel plows and get the ground ready for next year. Alot of it is just work I do because its for my dad, but during harvest where were always busy he pays me. This year I made 1300+/-

I was wanting a sled, And I had that 1300 and my 2001 Yamaha TT-R dirtbike to trade. Except, 1300 doesnt go to far around here, and there is no market for that type of dirtbike.

I was looking into getting an XLT, I dont ride trails to to often, so it being a 121" And older sled etc.. I figured I would need to dump a few into a decent track and bar setup.figuring out prices, clutching it etc.. was more expensive than I though.

So, I dropped the idea of getting an XLT, Then getting a sled all together, I was bumed. I really Hate riding dads sled, because, Its his sled.

I still had the add for the TT-R up, and some guy from portland (7hrs away) asked me if I wanted a boat, Woulda been cool, but we already have 2, along with 2 skis, so I had plenty of water vehicles. Then he offered me a 2003 Yamaha Warrior with the basic bolt-on's (full pipe, filter, guards etc..) He said I would need to add some cash on top, which was fine because his quad retailed for 2x my tt-r. After looking at retail values, I offered him 700 cahs and my tt-r. He took it willingly. (Wish I had offered him less) but That was his shitty trade in value, and I figured I could flip it for 2,300-2,600 and make a 500+/- profit.

So, I drove 3 hours to meet him in Bangor, and I picked it up.

After a quick chain tighten, few other small adjsutments, I had put about 25 miles on before we got enough snow that I couldnt ride. So now she sits inside.

I love the bike, tons, TONS of low-end. Reliable, sporty, good suspension almost the perfect bike for me.

I decided I will do a small build this summer. Add some costmetic mods, play with sprocket sizes and find the sweet spot.

Front sprocket changes in 1 tooth usually add or subtract 3-5mph, and rear usually 1-2. Im thinking of gearing up the front 1 tooth, to give me 3-5, then gear up one in the rear, to lower it 1-2. giving me 2-3mph. It has some smaller tires on it, but there like sporty mud tires, 18" but flat top so it can loose the body roll on turns and drifts. I thought I wouldnt like them, but I was wrong, great tire.

after the sprocket changes, most stuff will be regular maintenence and cosmetic stuff. Ill list whats on it, and whats planned.

Currently on-
Moose bars
K&N Filter with outerwears
Jetted carb
FMF powercore 4 Muffler
FMF powerbomb Header

New fuel Filter
New outerwears cover (old one has a tear)
Changed oil (amsoil 0w-40)
New headlights (those blue tint ones)
Billet gas cap
Aftermarket front bumper (undecided on which one)
Gearing changes
New handguards (old ones f/s)
New Gripper seat cover
Thinking of a graphics set-Like stock ones though
New grips
Gripped had levers
Misc. billet and powdercoated parts.

Sorry for the long write up, But Im on vacation.

Here are some pictures.
I know theyre crappy.
formerly abused step-child
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