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Ibreakstuff Says: Time to start the snow dance!
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PolarisRich's 2003 Polaris Edge X 600
No mods as of yet but there are some toys in the garage waiting to go on.
Clutch Kit
Almond/ Blue Primary Spring
Orange Secondary Spring
10/60 weights
Dalton helix
snowmobile.jpg NOS 2.jpg sled 012.jpg 10-13-2006 09_39_42PM.JPG 2003 Polaris Edge X 600 040.jpg IMG_4756.JPG 10-13-2006 09_35_49PM.JPG M - 10.jpg February 2010 182.jpg
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Author Comment Date
PolarisRich Whats this fur! 11-13-2007
PolarisRich I've been riding a 2003 Polaris Edge X 600 now for the past few years and let me tell you that the sled seams to only be getting better with age! I now have over 5000 miles on my sled and I have never been stranded or broke down, not even once! 01-09-2008
PolarisRich Were You thinking of a Orange Kangaroo in Denmark! 07-02-2008
OCR No. I was thingking that you are a douche! 07-02-2008
Dirty_Harry You look funny without a Goatee. 09-09-2008
Ultrastud Thats way too nice a sled for a douche!! 01-08-2009
mach1 is that m10 suspension 03-05-2009

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