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Zrxpilot's 1998 xcr 440, 2k xcr 800
My baby. Bought it a couple years ago in an e-bay auction with 72 miles on the clock. Now has a 2k 700 twin, SLP can, Ohlins front shocks, Willwood master cylinder w/stainless brake line, 1.25" Ripsaw, white faced gauges, powdercoated suspension, updated idler/bogey wheels.

The 800 I bought last year. It was clean but had been neglected by the previous owner. Broken motor mount, wore out rear suspension.. I took it apart and cleaned it up. Drilled out the front mounts and installed 650 style solid mounts, had the pipes ceramic coated, installed a MBRP race can, punched another hole in the airbox, new style carb slides, 1998 xcr 440 suspension, billet adjustable front swaybar, my own adjustable torque stop, .75 lug fully clipped track and a seat and tank off a 99 XCSP. Cut down the windshield and added red skis for some bling. Its a fun ride now but darts like a bastard.
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