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Ibreakstuff Says: Time to start the snow dance!
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Ibreakstuff's Many Polaris (of course) 1000 / 700
Newest addition is a 2002 XCSP stretched to a 144, updated 05 engine. PERC reverse, outside wheels removed/

1998 XCR-700 is pretty much stock.

1995 XLT-SP is for sale.
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Author Comment Date
RipnChick Um, nice ride. Yeah. 11-13-2007
PolarisRich Third Pic down with the two sleds, there a sign in the backgroung pointing to the extra parking you need! 12-22-2007
OCR Which one is the "turd"? 07-02-2008
Ibreakstuff Bottom picture, and that guy in your mirror. 07-02-2008
OCR How did you manage to get your face in my mirror? 07-03-2008
Dirty_Harry I love the XCR. You have a really nice camera by the way. 07-27-2008
amynjimmy much love for the xcr..!!! 10-24-2009
CripesAMighty I have always liked the aggressive chassis... Just don't care for the weight. 01-19-2011
Jeevesso I love my '99 XCR 700... looks just like your '98. I am not in love with the weight or the mpg. 04-08-2013

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